Staff Group Photos 2017-18

Somerville is proud of the dedicated faculty. We have a team of trained and devoted faculty who are very diligent and sincere. Their sole aim is to impart comprehensive knowledge to the students who enter the portals of the institution. They believe that every child is special and needs care, special attention is given to every student so that no student lags behind. The students are trained to become independent and pursue their dreams and achieve their goals by hard work.

We have a Head of Department for every subject, and also a Subject Coordinator for each class. This helps to coordinate the lessons being taught and to ensure that similar work is done in all the sections of the class. The coordinators work under the guidance of the HOD. The Heads of each department are very meticulous in their work and check the work being done in all the classes on a regular basis. The Principal supervises the entire academic functioning of the school and gives her invaluable advice, methodically looking into every detail very carefully

Senior School Teachers
Primary School Teachers
Preparatory School Teachers
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