Headmistress's Message
Headmistress's Message

A school is judged by many measures and I am proud to be judged by the achievements of my school. Our School motto ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER’ challenges each student to be kind and loving towards each other. Evidence from recently released standardized testing indicates that Somerville School NOIDA excels in all areas in the classroom, on stage and the sports field.

We pride ourselves in a personal approach and focus on the development of character and moral values of each child. Our teachers are not only leaders in their field but are also individuals who truly love their work. The outstanding, well-qualified staff acts within a thoughtful and responsive curriculum moulding each child into a complete human being who will be a significant influence and service to the society. As a school, focussed on the understanding and appreciating the unique nature of children, we try to inspire and motivate our students so that they can develop respect for others and learn what it means to be a person of true character and integrity. It’s my proud privilege to work in a school of such repute.

Mrs. Elizabeth Varghese

Somerville School, NOIDA